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Commitment and My Mission Statement

Like so many people, I can tend to over complicate things. This morning, I’ve been doing that as I have been sitting here meditating on the spiritual principle of commitment. After all, my life is filled with commitments.

As I sat here, it occurred to me that if I gave it some thought, I might just find the one commitment that is at the root of all others. It would be the foundation upon which all other commitments are based.

What is that foundational commitment in my life?

I choose to live in accordance with spiritual principles, seeking God’s will in all areas of my life.

In a way, that simple sentence is the mission statement for my life. It’s the solid foundation upon which all decisions can be made. By living in accordance with this mission statement, my recovery cannot help but to grow stronger. After all, my experience tells me that when I use any drug, all desire to live by spiritual principles, or to seek God’s will, simply disappears from my life.

Thus, my mission statement keeps me clean. Yet, merely staying clean is not enough. Recovery is about so much more than mere abstinence.

My mission statement also leads me toward service to others. Kindness, love, and compassion will naturally follow my commitment to this life. Obsession and compulsion fade as my commitment grows.

Today, I will practice commitment by living in accordance with my life’s mission statement. I will live a life that is about more than simply not using drugs. It’s a life that serves others, and seeks only that which is positive and uplifting.

Have a remarkable day!


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